Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day 3 - Nagpur to Jhansi

Last night was great night driving, then the rains, then the road became pot holes of mud and rocks, and then -- just as we found good paved roads again -- the engine stopped.  Today was better, until it wasn't.

The morning we spent with a mechanic getting the spark plug reset. We were met early with the same end of the world roads (I use roads loosely). But then we were on forest roads, then open highway, and then had to dodge cows that were meandering and/or laying in the road.

When we stopped for dinner there was a kid that worked at the roadside restaurant that 'spoke' perfect English, like a parrot he could repeat anything, but understood not a word.

When we pushed off around sunset we went about 20 kilometers and the rains came. We pushed on at a 100, we were on a schedule. They subsided about an hour later. However, there is nothing to make your heart skip a beat faster than flying down a dark road and in an instant be upon cows blocking your path.

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